Saturday, October 9, 2010

21 Day Challenge - Getting Ready for the KidsPeace 5K Run October 30 2010

So I began this 21 day Challenge yesterday in which I would run for 30 minutes everyday, in order to prepare for a 5K.  The KidsPeace 5K is for a great cause, it supports the transitioning of older foster kids into independent adult lives.

Since, I have not run in awhile (according to my Nike+, since July 28, 2009, when i ran 1.8 miles) I will employ a quicken version of the couch 2 5k program which normally takes 9 weeks to complete.  I will run everyday and finish it in 21 days.

I did my first run yesterday, ran a total of 1.78 miles.  I did one mile in 7'33''.  It was a good run.  I am excited about running again today.

There are other people that have experienced relief from running...  below is an amazing story about a lady who suffered from life-long depression that was not responsive to drugs or therapy but got relief from running.  Running For My Life


  1. Larry, I had no idea! I'm so glad you're being proactive and giving yourself such an admirable goal. Kidspeace looks like a great cause. Running always makes me feel better, especially during less-than-healthy times of my life (like NOW) and damn, you're fast! Keep it up and FYI--I get most mood benefits running 30 mins+. It takes me a couple miles to get into the groove I guess. Anyway maybe you'll enjoy the 5K so much that you'll want to run longer distances after this training period. Good luck and don't forget to hydrate and stretch... Love, Meghan

  2. Running also works for me. It's amazing. Good luck, and thanks for starting up a blog!

  3. Thanks for the support...I will remember to stretch and hydrate...I always begin my sessions with 5 min warm that includes stretching. As for being fast, I used to run the mile in under 5'30"