Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 7 & Day 8 - 21 Day challenge - 5k Prep - Partner Support

Did you know that partner support reduces a spouse's pain behavior, functioning, and depression?  Well, data out the of the department of Psychology at Seattle University provides evidence for this and I always believe the data.... Check it out!

Day 7 was my resting day... I really needed it but I still did my morning Yoga.

Day 8 - It was a good day. Kristin had ankle surgery so I took her in this morning then I went to work and spoke with the boss. I explained to my boss that i was starting to feel more ambitious and that I would be working toward the new NIH R01 grant for recent graduates. Even though this is 2 years away but getting the chance to go directly into my own independent laboratory directly out of grad school would be cool.

I am on Week 3 day 1 of my training program. I had to do two repetitions of a 1.5 minute jog then 1.5 minute walk followed by a 3 minute jog the 3 minute walk. Lets hope the new shoes help with my time.

Data Distance (Miles) Time per mile
10/8/10 1.73 11'40"
10/9/10 1.78 11'28"
10/10/10 1.6 10'07"
10/11/10 1.81 10'35"
10/12/10 Morning 1.71 Unknown
10/12/10 Evening 1.71 11'23"
10/13/10 Evening 1.01 14'00"
10/14/10 Rested Rested
10/15/10 Evening 1.58 10'40"

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