Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 3 - 21 Day Challenge 5K Prep - Got New Running Gear

Hey Everyone!  Today was a good day.  I went out and bought some running gear.  I also bought a reflective vest since I have been running in the evening.  I could tell that my wife (Kristin) was starting to get worried about my safety.   Day 3 of the running program went better.  I ran a lot faster than I normally do and I could really feel it by the end.

I have to correct some errors in my running times that I reported earlier (see table below).

Data Distance (Miles) Time per mile
10/8/10 1.73 11'40"
10/9/10 1.78 11'28"
10/10/10 1.6 10'07"

      I thought I would share my favorite article that I had posted last week on facebook.  It is a review about treating depression without prescription medication.  They recommended 4 things.

1. Meditation
2. Exercise
3. Tryptophan supplement
4. Light Therapy (Sun Lamp)

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  1. Yay Larry! Love the new running clothes. Good call on the vest, we all want you to be safe. I'll be thinking of you when I go running tomorrow. Love, Meghan