Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 4 - 21 Day Challenge 5K Prep - Very Tough Run for me

Wow, yesterday's run was rough.  But, I was eager to do it.  I think the running is working.  I am starting to feel more energized and confident.  Now, I just have to translate it into productivity.

Data Distance (Miles) Time per mile
10/8/10 1.73 11'40"
10/9/10 1.78 11'28"
10/10/10 1.6 10'07"
10/11/10 1.81 10'35"

The program that I am using to prepare for the 5k is called Couch to 5k.  I will be running a modified version in which I will run every day instead of 3 times a weeks.

I first learned of the C25K program from my friend Meghan.  I really miss my friends in Portland.  I understand now that having a strong social support group is important in life.  I have made myself so busy here in Baltimore that I did not take the time to forge many new friendships.  I hope to change that.  I believe that I would be doing much worse if I did not have my beautiful wife to support me each and everyday.  I know that I must a be nuisance to her at times but she wakes every mornings and prays with me.  She is always happy to see me when I arrive hope and every so eager to give me a hug and kiss.   I am really lucky to have her in my life.    A longitudinal study published this year further examined the affect of social capital on depression and concluded that emotional support is important for the alleviation of depression.  Additionally, people with depression may require a secure attachment style to derive the full benefit of their social capital.

If you would like some extra reading, here is article written in 2007 in Runners World about fighting off depression:  Get Some Running Therapy




  1. We miss you too Larry!! By the way, when I told Nick about your blog, he said that he remembers how happy you were when you were playing ultimate frisbee out here... I wonder if you could find a city league or intramural that's indoors for the winter, where you can get some exercise and meet cool people too. We've done co-ed softball, volleyball and even dodgeball at different times and it really is nice to do something with your significant other AND get out of the house one night a week AND run around a bit with other people playing a fun game. It definitely adds to my mostly-solo exercise routine when I have one of those things going on. Anyway, props to you for sticking to your running plan and I'm glad to hear that it feels good so far! (Of course if parts weren't painful you wouldn't feel quite so accomplished, right?) Love, Meghan

  2. http://www.spril.com/ultimate/

    Here's an ultimate group that plays every Sunday, even in the snow! I know it's probably too far away from you... but it's cool to see that there are options like this. I've glimpsed Larry Gray in the snow once or twice... it's a rare occurrence but I've seen it with my own eyes! ;)

  3. Thanks for the info... I had decided earlier this week that I would get back into Ultimate. They play a pickup game twice a week a couple of miles down the street from my house.

    Thanks for being such a good friend.

    I am so happy for you and Nick