Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello - I'm Larry

Many of you knew me growing up, when I was a shy, weird and geeky kid.  Some of you may have known me as the wild, crazy, and ready to party Frat boy, "Cracker" at Louisiana College.  Others may have knew me when I was jet-setting across the globe for an small start-up, I was pretty cool, calm, and collected in those days.  You  may have known me when I returned to college and really got into science, these are aptly known as my "Early and Mid Rastafarian" days.  Many of you might have first meet me in Grad school at OHSU, the "late Rastafarian" days where you could easily find me at the Jolly Roger singing Reggae with Earl and the Reggae All-stars.  I transitioned in my 2nd year of grad school to a more calm and focused person, who found the love of his life.

During most of those years, I can honestly say that I was never depressed.  I have always been optimistic and excited about life.  I could easily motivate myself about any thing.  I would make the most boring task into the adventure of a life-time.

That has changed for me over the past 6 months.  I have been suffering from depression.  It has been debilitating at times.  Some days I will not leave the home.  What has happen to trigger this?  There could be a myriad of answers...Grad School, Baltimore, diet, lack of exercise etc.....

Well, I wanted all of you to know what I have been going through.  I am seeing a therapist and psychiatrist so don't worry that I am not seeking proper help.  This blog is a way for me to escape the unmotivated state that I have lived in the past few months.   But most importantly, I wanted to give you a first row seat into my experiment.  I plan on alleviating my depression by running regularly.  

Well, come back daily to see how I am progressing!


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