Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 6 - 21 day challenge 5K Prep - Ultimate Frisbee

Yesterday was a good day for me. I began the morning with a 20 minute Yoga session (It was easier this time around). I felt a lot more focus throughout the day. I had a minor triumph, I asked a really good question at our Luncheon with our visiting speaker. It felt good, and it made me feel capable. I began to feel motivated about my own work again. I sat and read a paper. This is a big deal for me!

After work, I ran down to the park to play Ultimate Frisbee. On the way, I passed a shoe store and decided to buy some new shoes. I ended up buying two pair, a pair of red saucony's for running and a pair of Turf Pomo for Ultimate. I threw the pair of shoes I was wearing into the trash.  I played ultimate frisbee for  2hrs so I was very content not to run anymore than the very slow mile I ran to get to the park. 

If you have never played ultimate Frisbee then you are missing out on a treat.  Check it out!!

Well, thanks for visiting.

Data Distance (Miles) Time per mile
10/8/10 1.73 11'40"
10/9/10 1.78 11'28"
10/10/10 1.6 10'07"
10/11/10 1.81 10'35"
10/12/10 Morning 1.71 Unknown
10/12/10 Evening 1.71 11'23"
10/13/10 Evening 1.01 14'00"

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