Saturday, November 6, 2010

21 Day Challenge - Finished - Completed KidsPeace 5k - Raised $45 for Depression

Oh my...It has been two weeks since I last posted but a lot has happen.  I completed the KidsPeace 5k.  I placed 101 out 136, finishing in 28'08".  I am very proud of myself.  The race really wore me down.  I have not run since race day but with start up again today and I really look forward to hitting the pavement again.  It is funny, i find myself jogging everywhere I go.  If I need to go across campus, I just sprint to my destination.  Just the other day, instead of waiting for the bus to go just over a mile down the road, i decided to run it since I knew I would get there a lot sooner than the bus.  I feel good.  The best part is that I have been working consistently for the past 2 weeks also.  I am out running my depression.....And I raised $45 for Depression research while doing it.Yeah!!!!!  Next race coming soon.  :)

Data Distance (Miles) Time per mile
10/8/10 1.73 11'40"
10/9/10 1.78 11'28"
10/10/10 1.6 10'07"
10/11/10 1.81 10'35"
10/12/10 Morning 1.71 Unknown
10/12/10 Evening 1.71 11'23"
10/13/10 Evening 1.01 14'00"
10/14/10 Rested Rested
10/15/10 Evening 1.58 10'40"
10/16/10 Evening 1.57 10'29"
10/17/10 Rested Rested
10/18/10 Morning 0.54 Average pace 9'32"
10/18/10 Evening ~1.95 (Iphone battery died) ~10'
10/19/10 Morning 1.40 12'44"
10/23/10 Evening 2.09 9'09"
10/26/10 Evening 2.08 9'16"
10/28/10 Evening 1.74 11'04"
10/30/10 Morning 3.10 9'04"

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Funding Raising - Please Donate

Hey Guys....

As you know that I regularly post current research on depression in this blog.

I decided that I should raise funds for depression research by seeking donations for the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.... You can read more about the foundation at  My first attempt at fundraising will be to compete in the KidsPeace 5K.  It is the same 5K that I am training for in my 21 day challenge.

If you would like to help out, visit my fundraising page

Thanks Guys.